ATOS Hydraulics

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ATOS Hydraulics

Atos is a leading manufacturer of components & systems in electro hydraulics: the advanced technology that integrates hydraulics with electronics to improve the performances of modern machinery


ATOS Proportional Valves


Analog & Digital control – pressure, directional, flow valves – servoproportionals proportional cartridges: pressure, throttle – ex-proof proportional controls


ATOS Conventional & Modulars Valve


Pressure controls: screw-in, in line, subplate or flange mounting – flow & check controls valves, modular valves: pressure, flow, check valves – pressure switch


ATOS Directional On-Off Controls Valve


Solenoid valves, spool & poppet type – special executions: safety, ex-proof, intrinsically safe, stainless steel – mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic operated


ATOS Cartridge Valves

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General information – modular cartridge valves: pressure, flow, directional controls, check function – on-off active/safety cartridges


ATOS Hydraulic Pump


Fixed Displacement: vane, radial piston, gear variable displacement: vane, axial piston, proportional control – multiple pumps – hand pumps – ATEX pumps


ATOS Cylinders & Servocylinders


Square & round heads cylinders – servocylinders – special executions: ATEX, adjustable proximity sensors, stainless steel