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  • Possess good electrical and chemical characteristics
  • Possess good rigidity and solidity normally used within a temperature range +5’c  to 90’c and possesses high resistance to chemical agents
  • It is capable of being welded
  • It does not stand up well to abrasion and atmospheric agents It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, like pe, but is more resistant and rigid and melts at a higher temperature despite having a lower density. It is a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline material like pe, but is tougher and more rigid and melts at a higher temperature although having a lower density. PP is highly resistant to chemicals : it retains its resistance to aqueous solutions containing salts, and strong acids and alkalis in temperatures up to 120’C . Yet, at ambient temperatures it is susceptible to attack from strong oxidizing agents such as nitric acid and halogens.


  • Highly resistant to chemical agents
  • Absorbs little water and has good electrical properties
  • Used within a temperature range of -40’C to +80’C
  • Resistance to water, saline solution, acids, alkalis, alcohol and petrol
  • Below 60’C PE is insoluble in all organic solvents
  • Tasteless, odourless and is physiologically harmless and is suitable for use in the food sector
  • Can be welded easily using traditional welding systems


  • Possesses a high level of chemical stability
  • Excellent resistance to fire ( it is self-extinguishing) high modulus of elasticity
  • Excellent electrical characteristics, particularly in the area of low tension and frequencies. It can be used within a temperature range of 10’C to 60’C .Up to temperatures of 60’C rigid PVC is stable  against the majority of diluted or concentrated acids.
  • Is inert from a physiological standpoint. The ability for the product to be used in the food sector depends exclusively on the type of its stabilization. A good electrical insulator and absorbs little water, moreover, it is possible to weld and glue it.
  • Available in grey, transparent and transparent anti static.